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Out now!

My “sidequel” novel from The Brutal Truth  universe is out now at Ylva, and will be out everywhere on December 8. It stars the highly strung Felicity Simmons, Elena’s former chief-of-staff who has been recently promoted. It’s called The Awkward Truth and is being recorded as an audiobook by Angela Dawe as we speak.

The Awkward Truth by Lee Winter book coverHere’s the blurb:

This funny opposites-attract lesbian romance digs up the awkward truth about what really matters in life.

Ambitious ice queen and corporate lawyer Felicity Simmons has spent her life focused on one thing: scuttling up the career ladder. She’s achingly close to taking charge of a media empire for her boss when she’s sent to investigate a South Bronx charity that helps homeless people’s pets.

Has the charity made off with her boss’s generous donation? And who on earth is that gorgeous soft-butch veterinarian who looks as if she could toss a Shetland pony over one shoulder? Not that Felicity has any interest in some opinionated Amazon or her adorable fleabag of a dog.

Felicity is quite sure she will not be distracted, thank you very much. She has a minor mystery to solve, a mentor to impress, and her life’s dream to fulfil. Even if a distraction might be exactly what she needs.

The Awkward Truth takes place during the last half of Lee Winter’s The Brutal Truth but can easily be read as a standalone story.

Speaking of Angela Dawe…

There’s a fun battle of the narrators going between Angela Dawe and Abby Craden and the narrating of mundane things. It’s hilarious. Check it out here:


In honor of The Awkward Truth‘s big animal vibe, and because I love y’all, I’m giving away one exclusive, limited edition (only 14 made) calendar for 2022 called Lee and Sam’s Back Yard. It’s a best-of from all Sam’s pics throughout the year. And, hey, we’ll even sign it.
To enter, just email here – – and say why you want a calendar of our wild garden critters and plants.
I’ll let Sam choose a winner from the entries on December 10. It’s open to anyone, anywhere in the world.
NB: She doesn’t know any Lee Winter readers so she won’t play favourites. She’s not swayed by sob stories or flattery. LOL. She is looking for one “vaguely acceptable” entry. So have fun with that criteria. 🙂

Hot off the presses

Hotel Queens is a Winner of Best Romantic Blend at the 2021 GCLS Awards.

These annual awards, dubbed The Goldies, are presented to recognize excellence in women-loving-women literature.

New covers of The Red Files and Under Your Skin by Lee WinterNew-look covers

It’s been a crazy year. Amazing we’re already halfway through. I’m in complete denial about that. One of the highlights has been seeing the new covers that have landed for The Red Files and its sequel Under Your Skin. The idea is to get some traffic from the mainstream crowd as well as just the lesfic community. And we wanted something that says the two books are related to each other. The designer is Adam Lloyd.

Sliced Ice anthology by Lee WinterSliced Ice, the iciest Lee Winter anthology

I have so many short stories bouncing around across so many different books and platforms, and a few which were exclusive to newsletter subscribers. Then one day my publisher had the genius idea of corralling them all into one mighty tome, Sliced Ice – so named for all the ice queens within. It’s exclusively in Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. It’s also a kick-ass Angela-Dawe narrated audiobook, too. It contains all my “what happened next” short stories, and in one case, “what happened first?”.

Iconic characters revisited include Elena Bartell (The Brutal Truth), Elizabeth Thornton (Breaking Character), Monique Carson (Hotel Queens), Natalya Tsvetnenko (Requiem for Immortals), Catherine Ayers (The Red Files), and Cynthia Redwell (Under Your Skin). A full list of all the stories and what they’re about can be found on my Short Stories and Anthologies page, or at its Ylva page.

The thing that makes me happiest is that all my beloved Brutal Truth stories are gathered together for the first time: So you can find the trio, in order: Five Times Felicity Met Elena, Aliens of New York, and The Brutal Lie.

Pinterest for Lee Winter book The Awkward TruthDiscover Lee Winter’s inspirations

Want to know where my characters live, work, how I saw them, and all the other trivia that filled my brain when writing my books? Readers can now check out the inspirational and/or research pictures I’ve posted on my new Pinterest page. The Awkward Truth has just gone up and it joins Hotel Queens, Changing the Script, Breaking Character, The Brutal Truth, Shattered, and The Red Files.
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