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The Ultimate Boss Set cover by Lee WinterIt’s all happening this month!

Out now is The Ultimate Boss Set, which includes The Brutal Truth and The Awkward Truth novels.

Here’s the blurb: Two hot bosses, one company, all the stories in one place…

Formidable boss Elena Bartell (The Brutal Truth) and her ambitious deputy Felicity Simmons (The Awkward Truth) rule Bartell Corp with dedication and brilliance. Now the best-selling ice queen lesbian romances are available in one e-book for the first time. Included are three bonus short stories: Five Times Felicity Met Elena, Aliens of New York, and The Brutal Lie.

In The Brutal Truth, take one media mogul, throw in a truth bet with her assistant, and as their secrets pour out, neither woman will be the same. A beautiful story about the lies we tell ourselves.

The Awkward Truth sees Felicity hunting a missing donation to an animal charity. She tries hard not to notice a soft-butch vet or her adorable dog. This funny opposites-attract tale digs up the truth about what really matters in life.

Covers of The Fixer and Chaos Agent by Lee WinterNext, there are the cover reveals for The Villains Series: The Fixer and Chaos Agent. That’s two books, one story about a naïve activist who accidentally finds herself employed by a corporate villain (as you do). Cue one awkward farce, a twisty puzzle, and the slowest of slow burns in this opposites-attract, ice queen romance.

You may recognize the ice queen protagonist’s name: Michelle Hastings (aka Stephanie) was the villain in The Red Files and Under Your Skin. Writing this book involved a lot of fun and angst trying to see if she could be redeemed after the hell she put Catherine Ayers through.

A scene from The Fixer

A huge shout-out goes to the dynamic duo behind Scenes with the Author, Kim Pritekel and Kelly Neal, who volunteered to produce an mp4 promo video for my upcoming book.

A scene from a video promoting The Fixer by Lee WinterHear a small, eighty-second scene from The Fixer read by yours truly. Apologies in advance for my dubious narration skills and doubtlessly incomprehensible Aussie accent! What I learned from this, yet again, is just how much talent professional narrators have! If you can’t understand a word of what I’m saying, here’s the transcript.
And for those wondering, my visual inspiration for Michelle Hastings while writing The Fixer was actress  Jennifer Connelly in her Snowpiercer role.

Coming soon: Five times the Truth!

Lovers of boxsets who appreciate having a book series all together might like this. The Brutal Truth and The Awkward Truth novels, plus Five Times Felicity Met Elena, Aliens of New York, and The Brutal Lie short stories will soon be available in one e-book. Called The Ultimate Boss Set, look for it at Ylva around mid November.

Achtung, Germans who read with their ears!
Ein Hotel und zwei Rivalinnen audiobook by Lee Winter
What. A. Voice!

Sorry for the belated announcement on this one: German listeners, there’s a sumptuously good audiobook version of Ein Hotel und zwei Rivalinnen (Hotel Queens). It’s narrated by Jutta Seifert.

You can get it here:

And though I don’t speak a lick of German, Jutta’s sample on Audible had me swooning! See if you agree…

And for French readers…

Se Prendre au Jeu coverFrench Breaking Character is on the shelves at Reines de Coeur. It’s called Se Prendre au Jeu.

Deux actrices lesbiennes dans le placard se rencontrent sur un plateau de tournage. L’animosité des débuts laisse la place à une fausse romance quand elles sont contraintes d’avoir l’air en couple pour obtenir un rôle…



What’s next?

What am I working on right this very second? Well, as my newsletter subscribers will know, aside from editing other people’s books, I’m on a writing breaking until January 1, 2023. Got to give my noggin a rest! Then I can begin work on a book I researched and set aside over a year ago. It’s called Vengeance Planning for Amateurs. It’s my first romantic comedy. There will be penguins and fun plans of revenge. Stay tuned…

Pinterest for Lee Winter book The Awkward TruthDiscover Lee Winter’s inspirations

Want to know where my characters live, work, how I saw them, and all the other trivia that filled my brain when writing my books? Readers can now check out the inspirational and/or research pictures I’ve posted on my new Pinterest page. The Awkward Truth has just gone up and it joins Hotel Queens, Changing the Script, Breaking Character, The Brutal Truth, Shattered, and The Red Files.
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