If you’d like a signed Lee Winter book (or more than one), here’s how it works

Stack of Lee Winter books

Lee’s books cost AU$25 each (that’s Australian dollars), plus postage.

Book/s are sent via Australia Post which works out the postage cost based on weight. The average Lee Winter book weighs a little over 500g each once packaging is included. So to figure out the total, you can either email leewinterauthor@gmail.com and ask, OR:

How to get a postage estimate yourself

Go to the Australia Post calculator here.

If this is going anywhere other than Australia, click the Overseas tab on the right.
On the left side, write 6076, then choose Lesmurdie from the drop-down menu. On the right-hand side, select your country. Then hit the red Go button.

At the top of the next page you’ll see a little brown cardboard box and the hyperlink, Enter weight. If you’re wanting one book, enter 0.55. That should cover the book and packaging. Don’t forget the decimal point or it’ll think your parcel weighs half a tonne!
If it’s more than one book you’re wanting, multiply 0.515 by the number of books requested. Ignore ‘Size’. Now hit Set weight.

You’ll now see some postage estimates. Scroll down. The two that are relevant to you are Express and Standard with the cost displayed next to them (in Aussie dollars, of course). Both of these options include tracking so those are the only two choices ever used for Lee’s books.

For example, one book to the US usually costs AU$39.75 standard or $AU54.75 express. One book to the UK usually costs AU$45.25 standard or $60.25 express. If your estimate looks way out compared to these amounts, check you entered the weight right!

Now add the cost of the books (AU$25 each) to the cost of the postage and you’ll have a ballpark figure for getting signed book/s. What Lee charges may be slightly different, after packing, if the parcel weighs a little less than expected.

If you want to know what all these Aussie dollar amounts are in your currency, try xe.com currency converter to get a rough idea.

Bundled books and bulk deals

Because Australia Post charges in 500g increments, it can work out cheaper to buy two or three books at once. Less packaging is needed to wrap three books together than one book on its own, three times. So, for three books, often the weight comes down to under 1.5kg, which makes it more economical than to buy individually.

If you buy six or more of Lee’s books in a single order, the charge per book drops to AU$20 each, plus postage.
Buy all of Lee’s books in one hit and there will likely also be a random bit of bonus merch included.

How to pay?

Once you’ve emailed Lee and an order is agreed to by you both (including postage – letting her know if you’ve chosen Standard or Express), Lee will then email you a PayPal invoice. (PayPal will sort out exchange rates for you, so you don’t have to worry about that.)

When it’s paid, Lee will send your book/s within one to two business days; often the same business day. You’ll get an Australia Post tracking number so you can follow the movement of your package all over the world. Sometimes it looks like it’s not doing anything and then suddenly it’s at your local airport!
Either way, in about three weeks, or sooner if you paid for express, it’ll be all yours!

Is there a cheaper way to get Lee’s signature?

Yup, curse the tyranny of distance of Australia to the rest of the world! Totally understandable.

If you’d prefer, you can buy a signed book plate (or more than one), which is a sticker that goes inside the front of a book. It costs AU$4 each, including postage.

If this is for you, email Lee at leewinterauthor@gmail.com with your request.

You’ll receive a PayPal invoice. Once paid, Lee will post it.

There’s no tracking on these as they’re not a parcel, but you should have it in a few weeks.