Cover of On The Record by Lee Winter, combining The Red Files, Under Your Skin, and Flashbang

(Boxset of all The Red Files universe books)

On The Record is all the Ayers and King stories – novels The Red Files and Under Your Skin, and the short story Flashbang, in one bargain e-book boxset. The Red Files is Lee Winter’s first novel and starts with a newspaper mystery in LA, as Catherine Ayers and Lauren King are forced to work together to get to the bottom of a weird story.
Under Your Skin is the sequel, when they’re planning their wedding in Iowa, and a new mystery begins to unfold as figures from Catherine’s past emerge and threaten to derail everything. Flashback is a sexy, erotic tale set at the end of The Red Files about Catherine surprising Lauren at an LA ball.



Cover of Laid Bare anthology


(Erotic anthology which contains Lee Winter’s story Flashbang)

If you enjoy erotic stories about women loving women, get your hands on Laid Bare, a collection of sensual short stories from nine of the most prominent names in lesbian fiction, many of them award-winning authors.




Cover of anthology Language of Love

(Short story in the Language of Love anthology)

Dani is pretty sure Christmas lunch at her great-aunt Jean’s place is going to suck. Not just because of Jean’s longstanding disapproval of every little bit of her, but also, because she’s dared bring along a “friend”. Okay, make that secret girlfriend. Ro, a national netball star, is sure she can win over the whole clan. But then Ro’s never met anyone like Jean.
A bittersweet and sometimes amusing look at family, growth, and accepting the things we cannot change.




Flashbang cover

(Short story in the On The Record and Laid Bare anthologies. It’s a The Red Files  free bonus erotica)

At a celebrity party, all eyes are drawn to the glamorous A-listers. No one’s watching two entertainment reporters–knockabout Iowa girl Lauren King and her secret lover, Caustic Queen Catherine Ayers–as they celebrate their last night together in LA in erotic style.  A sexy slice from The Red Files universe.

You can also get Flashbang for free at Ylva Publishing.




Cover of Love is Not NothingLOVE IS NOT NOTHING 2017
(Requiem for Immortals  short-story sequel)

(Thriller/Romance) Requiem hadn’t meant to care. Hadn’t wanted to fall in love. She didn’t do love. But life without Alison had seemed so insubstantial. Bleak. Empty. So she went back for her. It’s now been two years since Australia’s top cellist and secret underworld assassin Natalya “Requiem” Tsvetnenko stood in the rain, faced her biggest terror, and asked her “little mouse”, Alison Ryan, to move to Europe with her. What has happened since? Does Requiem still burn to hunt? Has she been tamed by love? Was her prediction right that they could never work out; that they would implode before too long? How could two such different people ever last?

In a single, powerful day in Vienna, all their doubts are faced and the truth seeps into the light.

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