From the desk of Lee Winter

I’m currently editing my Red Files sequel Under Your Skin. It’s out in June. It’s more romance focused than the first but it has a lovely dollop of mystery too, as Catherine Ayers and Lauren King chase a story in between wedding planning in Iowa. Catherine also gets a taste of the King family, for good and ill.

There’s an audiobook version of The Brutal Truth out in May. Check back here, then.

And I’m right now starting work on my sixth full-length novel, Breaking Character. It’s a pure romance (as opposed to some of my blends, such as Under Your Skin). The story’s about two actresses on a hospital TV drama, one an early-forties British woman, the other is late-twenties and LA born and bred. Naturally there’s an ice queen (the Brit). But this queen, well, she’s being forced to play nice for once. For reasons. And only for now.

When I’m not writing, I’m in the garden. This month it’s hibiscus I’m working on. And by ‘I’, I mean my girlfriend. She has the greenthumb, not me. I’m more skilled in the fine art of hauling and toting.